Saving time and money

Hire a realtor for local market expertise, efficiencies  

If you’re buying or selling a home, you’ve probably noticed properties listed as “for sale by owner.” Many such listings tout the advantages of handing the process yourself and saving on closing costs.


But if you’ve ever considered that option, have you stopped to think about all the things you might have to be responsible for in a “DIY” real estate transaction? The list can be long, and here’s why it matters—regardless of whether you’re buying a house, selling one, or focusing on any particular neighborhood or price segment. 


For starters, real estate agents with a successful track record focus every day on offering the best service to their clients. That begins with helping them understand the market as well as the home-buying and selling process. 



Naturally, a client provides critical input on desirable local neighborhoods, home prices, amenities and other variables. The specific expertise and market research provided by a successful realtor incorporates these factors and more while delivering guidance on the best overall value for a home sale or purchase.


Those variables alone equate to significant pricing advantages, time savings, and numerous intangible benefits. They also add up for anyone, regardless of one’s work schedule or family demands.


A professionally licensed real estate agent is also focused on transparency. Local and industry-wide legislation governs and regulates the work of any agent. That’s why any consumer who works with a realtor can count on a professional who works on behalf of a client and in his or her best interests. 


Let’s face it: Who doesn’t care about time? There’s never enough! That’s yet another reason why working with a realtor is the best value: Properties sell more efficiently when agents are involved. In addition, closing costs and other expenses are minimized, while clients spend less time toiling over transactions. The result is reduced stress, cost savings, and more time spent on other things in life.




Real estate deals can be loaded with rocky roads, financial pitfalls, special requests, and regulatory matters. And that’s just a partial list. An honest and experienced realtor helps guide you through the maze. A home is possibly the single biggest investment you’ll ever make. How about letting an expert be your guide? 


One other note to consider: Few people who are buying and selling a home happen to be attorneys with any expertise in legal matters, particularly in real estate law. That’s often a critical area of experience when it comes time for closing on a property. A property closing is never a good time for surprises and issues one might have been able to anticipate in advance. 


That’s why specific expertise in the complex laws of real estate transactions can be yet another excellent thing to have on your side. It’s also yet another reason why hiring a realtor with access to in-house and third-party legal consultation will pay dividends. Even if things go smoothly at closing, the peace of mind that comes with professional skill and experience can’t be beat!


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