Feeling Fishy? The Best Seafood in Pine Township PA


I love good seafood. Any type, really. Don’t get me wrong, I have my limits. I don’t want to look into the fish’s eyes before I devour it. But other than that, just about anything goes. Many a night, Pine Township seafood providers have satisfied powerful cravings of mine – not an easy task to accomplish. With that said, here are, in my opinion, the best seafood restaurants in Pine Township that’ll have you hooked at the first bite.


Yama Sushi

515 Adams Shoppes, Mars, PA 16046




If you are craving sushi, authentic Japanese or Japanese-American cuisine, accept no substitute because Yama Sushi is in its own league. Their menu pushes the limits of authenticity, depth and creativity, and the service is fantastic. Whether you are a washoku connoisseur, a sushi veteran or just a hungry Pine Township human seeking a culinary adventure, Yama Sushi considers it an honor to serve you.


Recommendation: Splendid Roll, Kamakazi Roll


Price: $$$




Off The Hook

908 Warrendale Village Drive, Warrendale, PA 15086




Off The Hook makes no compromises. The freshest fish flown in from all across the world? Check. Chefs shucking oysters at an open oyster bar? Check. A wine list with over 250 quality American wines and French Champagnes? Yup. Oh, did I mention the private Chef’s table … in the kitchen? Yea, they have that too. They even sell hand-cut filets-to-go, offering their guests the opportunity to enjoy preparing unique and fresh fish at home. I’ll say it again: no compromises.


Recommendation: The Oyster Bar


Price: $$$$




Mission Mahi

See Facebook for Schedule and Locations




I saved the best fish food for last. Mission Mahi is a taco truck and their fish tacos are to die for. No, I’m not joking. Believe it or not, Mission Mahi fish tacos have been my favorite local food since the moment I took a bite out of my first Original. Want to know what my second favorite local food is? Their fries with the Sriracha Mayo. They have non-fish, vegetarian and vegan options, and they are great at posting their schedule on Facebook, so find out when they will be in or near Pine Township and make time to try their food. You won’t regret it!


Recommendation: Original Fish Taco, Basket of Fries w/ Sriracha Mayo


Price: $$



If you live in or around Pine Township and you find yourself desiring excellent seafood, swim on over to one of the above-mentioned seafood restaurants and take the bait. Trust me, you’ll be impressed.