Buying A House In Cranberry Township

Homes for Sale in Cranberry Township PA


When you’re looking for an area to buy a house, there are many factors that go into the decision. You want each piece that you’re looking for to add up to an ideal whole. Cranberry Township, PA is an excellent example of a community that offers something for everyone. Although it’s often considered a new community, Cranberry Township was incorporated over 200 years ago.



A Suburban Community with Access

Located less than 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township gives its residents access to a larger metropolitan scene with a strong economy. For people who love to visit the vibrant big city scene but prefer to live in a more suburban setting, Cranberry is ideal. Pittsburgh acts as a hub of culture, sports, entertainment, shopping, and dining, and Cranberry Township is the place that becomes your community-oriented retreat.


Building with Care

When cities face growth, often times challenges occur. Cranberry Township is working to build a strong community that supports growth, but expands carefully. The mission is to provide residents with everything they need. The city is certainly on the grow, but as they specify, it’s “Built for You.”


Some of the things the township provides is a high quality of life starting with the amenities. The city boasts a wonderful library, excellent schools, a senior center, parks, one of Pennsylvania’s top municipal golf courses, local attractions and more.


Parks and Recreation

Cranberry Township has focused on making sure residents have plenty to keep them active and busy. There are three major public parks which include features like a waterpark, dog park and skatepark. There are ongoing programs throughout the year that offer activities like sports, drop-in play, classes and fitness. The library is also a source of local pride. It offers excellent programming both onsite and offsite. People enjoy reading clubs, nature visits and firefly watches, computer classes, and craft sessions.


Economy and Education

Community members young and old will find support in Cranberry Township, PA. The school system is on the rise. The area boasts a top-ranked public program in addition to several highly-rated private institutions. Students also have easy access to higher education.


The economy is balanced. The area is a retail hub, but more specialized careers are available with reasonable commute times. The township has also seen a recent growth in startups, and is home to several businesses.


Local Attractions

Cranberry Township has some great entertainment. Families will like Fun Fore All and the Waterpark. Learn more about the area’s history at the Schoolhouse. Shopping can be found at Cranberry Mall, plus there are many events throughout the year, including the popular Cranberry Folk & Food Festival.


Buying a House in Cranberry Township, PA

The REALTORS® at Achieve Realty can help you navigate the Cranberry Township market. There is a nice variety of housing types, and you can find everything from a charming starter townhome to a custom estate. Buy a house closer to the bustle or something further away from the retail center in a family-friendly neighborhood. If you’re ready to explore all the things that make Cranberry great, contact Achieve Realty today.