Buying Your Home

Why Use A Buyer’s Agent To Buy Your Home?

Many home buyers ask, “Do I really need to use a REALTOR® to buy a house?”  The answer is, “Yes.” Buying real estate can be complicated.  The internet has made it easy to search for homes, but when you get into the nitty-gritty of finding the right home, financing a loan, negotiating a purchase offer and closing day, there is nothing that will put you more at ease than having an experienced real estate agent by your side.


Home buyers should have their own real estate agent to represent them.  Some novice buyers may simply call the real estate agent on the listing:  What makes the difference, right?  Wrong.  Remember, the listing agent represents the home seller and will naturally attempt to negotiate the highest price for a listing. 


A real estate agent—whether representing a buyer or seller—has a fiduciary relationship with the party they represent.  A fiduciary is a trusted, faithful representative.  Your REALTOR® has a fiduciary duty to you.


A Buyer’s Agent represents you and your best interests--exclusively.  They will negotiate the best purchase terms and price for you.  In exchange for their services, you may be asked to sign an agency agreement.  A typical agency agreement will outline your agent’s professional real estate services, compensation and how you will work together.


It’s natural for home buyers to assume they have to pay a sales commission.  The sales commission is paid from the seller’s proceeds of the sale.  The same commission is usually paid whether or not a Buyer’s Agent is involved.   It is to your benefit to have a Buyer’s Agent on your side.


The home buying process is stressful; you need a trusted advocate experienced in real estate negotiations to help guide you.  Hiring a Buyer’s Agent that knows the local real estate market can save you time, money and headaches during your entire home buying process.


Achieve Realty Buyers’ Agents 

When our team of REALTORS® in Pennsylvania works with home buyers—especially first-time home buyers—we emphasize the basics of the home buying and selling process.  


We share unique neighborhood knowledge that’s only available to real estate agents who practice day-in day-out in that particular neighborhood. Here's a sample of the diverse roles performed by our agents:

  • Help Buyers find the home that they’re looking for.
  • Explain current market conditions to Buyers.
  • Connect buyers to reputable, talented loan officers to secure financing for their home purchase.
  • Draft an Agreement of Sale in a manner favorable to the buyer.
  • Explain the financial and legal details before an Agreement of Sale is signed.
  • Negotiate for the Home Buyer through the contingency period.
  • Attend closing for any last minute negotiations and verification that the figures are accurate.

Buying a home is a big decision.  Contact our team of REALTORS® at Achieve Realty to guide you through buying homes in Greater Pittsburgh. And let us worry about the fine print!